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The art level I can currently achieve. Enjoy! :)


The art level I'm aiming to attain. Please encourage me! :w00t: Also, contains some other personal favorites.


Another Wishlist

FYI, my birthday is June 30th! :cake: Getting presents from you guys on my birthday would be very appreciated! However, I can still accept presents at any time of the year.

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Last update 2014-08-20

:bulletblue: Photo Gear

Camera bodies:
- A pair of different-generation/level Canon dSLR bodies that share the same battery type, eg. T2i & T4i, T3i & T5i, etc. The goal is to be able to swap batteries blindly or in the dark without worrying about inserting the wrong battery type into any body. I'm currently using the T1i & XS pair sharing 4 LP-E5 batteries. | ~$750-$1,050 CAD

- A Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 EX APO DC HSM for Canon telephoto constant-aperture zoom lens, to augment my reach | ~$700-$1,100 CAD
- A Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM standard constant-aperture zoom lens, to replace my Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC | ~$975-$1,150 CAD
- A Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 DX for Canon wideangle constant-aperture zoom lens, for group & scenic shots | ~$450-$1,000 CAD
- A Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX HSM DG for Canon standard prime lens, to replace my Canon 50mm f/1.8 II | ~$450-$675 CAD

Camera accessories:
- An extra neoprene camera & lens pouch, for my Canon Rebel T1i & Canon 50mm f/1.8 combo :thumbsup:
- A hand strap for my Canon Rebel XS :thumbsup:
- A plastic (not metal!) anime keychain, to attach it to my Canon Rebel XS's hand strap
- A black large heavy-duty tripod, to replace a lightstand in some situations | ~$75-$100 CAD

- An extra speedlite with a small head (430EX-size); optical sync mode (S1/S2) optional :thumbsup:

Light modifiers:
- A golden reflective umbrella, to produce warm light with my monolight strobe
- A collapsible white shoot-through umbrella, one which can fit inside a backpack :thumbsup:
- A black compact collapsible lightstand, one which can fit inside a regular large suitcase | ~$35 CAD
- A reflector holder-arm, to mount on lightstands

Flash accessories:
- A PT-04 wireless flash trigger transmitter, so that each of my camera bodies would have a transmitter :thumbsup:
- An extra pack of gels for my Yongnuo YN467 speedlite :thumbsup:

:bulletblue: Non-photo gear

- A new black cat hat or set of cat ears
- A black cat tail
- A black cat kigurumi | ~$## CAD

Figurines & plushies:
- A life-size Kyubey plushie :iconlupy-1: :thumbsup:

Body gear:
- Black knee pads, to replace my painted woodland ones, which the paint is always chipping off :thumbsup:
- A black thigh pistol holster, for toy guns :thumbsup:
- A black wargame (airsoft) bulletproof vest, to make me look bulkier! | ~$50-$90 CAD
- A navy & white "P.R.E.S.S." back patch, to put on the back of the bulletproof vest, just like war photographers :thumbsup:


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Steampunk Style! (Anime North 2013)

Cosplay Photographers I Met o/

Meeting other Cosplay Photographers (Cosphotographers, Cosplay Photogs, Costographers, Cos Photogs, Kamekos, etc) is fun! Here are some of those I met along the years:

Last update 2014-04-17

Photographers Gathering at Otakon 2012 | Photo by thesoulcrash

Photographers Gathering at Katsucon 2013 | Photo by me (10-sec timer)

xinstrumental, Henrickson (me) and elysiagriffin at Katsucon 2013 | Photo by a Katsucon Staff member

Henrickson (me) and Kevin Lillard / A Fan's View at Anime North 2013 | Photo by Peter Wu

Photographers Gathering at Otakon 2013 | Photo by souldrivephotos (with IR remote)

Photographers Gathering at Katsucon 2014 | Photo by me (10-sec timer)

Notable Cosplayers I Shot ^_^

I took photos of notable cosplayers from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, the Philippines, Australia, Venezuela and other countries. As I've met most likely over 1,000 cosplayers in my life, I'll only list the most notable ones here.

Last update 2014-04-17

LiKovacs, yayacosplay, BlackMageAlodia, Adella, IchigoKitty & Lillyxandra | All photos by me

vickybunnyangel, Mei-Hoshi, Malindachan, VandorWolf, twinfools, KellyJane, tealpirate, MelfinaCosplay (with Mattissimo) & Marie-Claude B. | All photos by me

Starlightslk, Kudrel-Cosplay, the-mirror-melts, CrystalPanda, akuriko, venntus & da-rk | All photos by me

Luvnatsu, AthelCosplay, TwilightSaphir, KakeranoTsuki, BalthierFlare (with Lolipuff), PaXingCai & YunaDaKilla | All photos by me

BlankoCosplay, EveilleCosplay, EminenceRain, Markiemark425, EnchantedCupcake, Yuuri-C, Yuuri-K & rosieru-chan | All photos by me

HatterSisters, burloire, Inabari, UxiCosplay, jusdepomme, Suki-Cosplay & Armurita | All photos by me

xSoulxxxReaperx, Jessica Nigri, FantasyNinja, RebelliousDante, Jesse Lagers, Riddle1 & Its-Raining-Neon | All photos by me

maridah, Nobodyyyyy, Bllacksheep, NadiaSK, Maria-Masquerade, TraumaticCandy | All photos by me

KamuiCosplay, Bonkersjune16, TechnoRanma, Glay, Stealthos-Aurion, restlessnocturne & kaiser-mony | All photos by me

Private Cosplay Photoshoots Policy

Last update 2014-04-28

BEFORE the con:

1. To book a shoot, comment on the posted Journal entry (public) or send me a Note (anonymous). Public bookings will have your (nick)name, character, series, shoot location, etc shown in the Journal. Anonymous ones will have their details only known to me and will be marked "Undisclosed" in the Journal.

2. Maximum of 1 shoot per costume, per day. You cannot book 2+ shoots with the same costume on the same day. However, we can shoot the same costume on different days... We'll just change shoot locations to add variety.

3. Please provide a cellphone number or email address to contact you during the con. For those of you with no cellphones, please provide a number from one of your friends' phones. If you're at the con alone and only have a WiFi-only device such as an iPod Touch or other MP3 player, then we should communicate by email or iMessage, if you have an Apple device.

4. When booking your shoot, please provide as many details as possible. Your name/nickname, size of your group (if you're a group), characters, series/title/theme, meetup point, photoshoot location (if you have one in mind), types of poses, and any other requests such as going far away from the con to a well-known landmark, shooting on a roof, shooting in the snow, shooting under the rain, shooting in a hotel room, etc.

5. Group sizes of over 10 cosplayers will require a helper. While I may have a photo assistant with me to handle large groups, please try to have on hand a helper of your own in case I don't have one. My helpers are busy con-goers and can only help me when they have holes in their schedules. Without a helper, your shoot can drag on as long as 90 mins.

6. My rates are variable and depend on the time of day. Time slots in the early afternoon are the most expensive, followed by slots in the late morning and late afternoon. Slots in the early morning and the whole evening are free. As demand for private shoots is at the highest between late morning and late afternoon, I charge the most during that time; also the convention venue will lack adequate shoot locations since almost everyone's doing shoots at the same time everywhere. I love night shoots, therefore they're free; also the venue should be less crowded in the early morning and at night, so chances of finding good shoot locations are higher.

7. Payments have to be made before the con. You can use PayPal or meet me in person if you're in the Montreal area. I accept cash at $1 USD for $1 CAD (for the time being). If it's not possible for you to pay me before the con, then we'll need to arrange something. I'm open to many options.

8. Friends and regular cosplayers get discounts. If you're someone I know very well in and out of conventions or someone who has booked 3, 4, 5 or more shoots with me in the past, I'm open to give you a discounted rate. Hotel roommates and convention Cosplay Guests of Honor get the highest discounts if they ask to book shoots with me!

9. You can cancel your shoot at any moment until the day & time of your shoot. Please provide a reason of course. Any amounts paid will be refunded.

DURING the con:

10. At the meetup point, wait for me in a spot that's neither too hidden nor too exposed. You don't want to be too hidden or I won't be able to spot you; you don't want to be too exposed or other con-goers will always be asking you for photos, making you pose and tire yourself needlessly before the shoot.

11. If you're late, please contact me the moment you realize you can't arrive at the meetup point on time. I'll do the same if I'm late. Texting is preferred, as I may be in a noisy area. I check my text messages every 10 mins when I expect to receive texts, ie. not during sleeping hours.

12. To rebook a shoot to a later or earlier time slot, please contact me the moment you realize you can't be present for a shoot at the slot you reserved. I'll send you a list of OPEN slots and you'll reply with the slot of your choice. If none of the slots listed are convenient to you, I'll try to cancel attending a panel or event to create new slots.

13. The later you arrive at your shoot, the less photos I'll take and the less shots you'll receive. Between 0 and 15 mins late you'll get the maximum number of good photos from the shoot; between 15 and 30 mins late you'll get 2/3 of the maximum; between 30 and 45 mins late you'll get 1/3 of the max. I can do a mini-shoot in 3 mins but you won't get much variety nor quantity of shots from such a shoot.

14. If you never showed up to a paid shoot, you'll get no refund. To get a refund, you'll need to provide a good reason for your absence and lack of notification. I can understand that con-goers may be injured or become ill during cons and be hospitalized, or pass out in their hotel rooms from heat, lack of sleep or exhaustion. A refund will be issued after you contact me to explain your no-show at a booked paid shoot.

AFTER the con:

15. As soon as I sorted my photos, I'll send you a copy of all the unedited shots. They'll be resized smaller for faster file transfers. This is so that you have a copy of the photoshoot no matter what happens to me or how long I take to edit your shoot. You may choose to edit these preliminary shots on your own, by a friend or wait for me to send you the final versions of the shots. These unedited shots aren't meant to be shown publicly so I ask that you don't upload these shots without editing them first.

16. The final set of photos will be way smaller than the total number of photos from the shoot. I'll only process the best pictures taken during your shoot and show these best shots, because a (cosplay) photographer is "only as good as his worst (cosplay) photo." Don't be surprised if the final collection has only 9 shots, out of 90 photos taken during the 45 mins of the shoot. By being selective, we also keep the high value of the photo set by not uploading a majority of the shots, which would possibly dilute the value and impact of each photo by too much repetition.

17. During the convention high season (April to September), delays in delivery of final shots may be slower due to the high volume of photos I need to process. Most cosplay photographers have backlogs of photos to edit, and these people have to process those shots while trying to have a living of their own. They go to school, go to work, transit to places, have other obligations, etc. They can only process photos during their free times, which on some days of the week might be inexistent. Please bear patience with us! If you want any updates from me, you can either ask me directly or check out my Twitter where I post live progress:

18. Unless requested and paid for, you'll get photos sized 2,400 px on the longest side, in various aspect ratios. This is a good size for uploading to social media and cosplay photo websites. It's also good for small/medium prints. For larger prints, you'll need to pay me extra for the full-size images.

19. The final photos from your shoot will be ZIPped and uploaded to a file-sharing website. The download link will be sent privately to you. If you were in a cosplay group and I know your other group members, I'll include their contacts in the message to download the shots. If not, you can share the download link with them. One thing I won't do is to write multiple email messages and attach the photos to the emails, unless it's a last resort. I have other photo delivery methods as well, including meeting me in person in Montreal and transferring via USB key drive.

20. Please credit me and my/your helper(s), if any, for any online uploads. "Photo by Henrickson" will be sufficient, but you can also add a link to my deviantART too. For prints permissions, please discuss with me.


- Look for other cosplay photographers attending the same con as you, check out their work and book shoots with those whose work you like. Everyone I know who charges high will produce phenomenal results. Do your best to schedule as many shoots as possible with them, they're all worth your money! Big names like RocknamLee, alucardleashed, LiquidCocaine-Photos, Elemental-Sight, solartempest, belziir and Mikacosplay in Canada and LJinto, TheDreamerWorld, Anna-Fischer, SoulFirePhotography, MindFall, xinstrumental and elysiagriffin in the U.S. are all sure bets. Go and book shoots with them now, before all their slots are taken!

- In the event that the preferred cosplay photographers you want to shoot with have no more available slots, look for other cosplay photographers who might be interested in shooting your costumes. Every year, there are many new cosplay photographers entering the private photoshoots scene at conventions around the world. Some of them may have been shooting stuff other than cosplay and are just starting to venture into cosplay, while others are pure cosplay photographers, who will dedicate their entire time at taking cosplay photos. When choosing a new cosplay photographer to work with, it's (almost) always a risk, as they don't have the reputation, respect and recognition of the bigger names. On the other hand, you may see the birth of a new generation of cosplay photographers who might become bigger and better than the currently "ruling" cos photogs at the top of everyone's minds. Everyone needs to start out somewhere, and it's you who will provide the photographic subjects for them to build a sizable portfolio. The best and most-known cosplayers out there won't simply accept to shoot with startup cosplay photographers because they're unsure of what results they'll come up with, and these cosplayers generally have high expectations of their photogs. There are exceptions everywhere (especially when trading money for removal of favoritism).

- If you couldn't manage to book a shoot with any cosplay photographers before the con after spending so much effort at trying to do so, go to the con and ask cosplay photographers around if they have any availabilities. Cosplay photographers get cancellations all the time, so what I suggest is to go ahead and try asking any cosplay photographer if they have some available slots on that day that you're wearing such costume. While the average cancellation rate is about 10%, it may go as high as 50% in some cases (must be very bad luck for those cosplay photographers), so go around and ask them! If they're very impressed by your costume, they'll feel bad to refuse you, and if they don't have any slots, some of them might open new ones outside of their pre-established schedules. I would 100% do that if an exceptionally beautiful cosplayer asked me to do a shoot with her at a con; refusing to do so would be extremely regrettable.


Otakuthon has announced new Guests for 2015! :)…

- Colleen Clinkenbeard (voice actress)
- Patrick D. ( creator)
- :iconnephyla: Nephyla (comic artist/illustrator)
- :iconelffi: Elffi (cosplayer from Finland)
- :iconokageo: okageo (cosplayer from the U.S.)
- :iconnikitacosplay: NikitaCosplay (cosplayer from France)

More at:…

Otakuthon is an anime convention in my home city of Montreal, QC, Canada held annually in August at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. I've attended it every year since 2007 and count it as one of my favorite cons of all times. Otakuthon shines year after year by having a stellar list of Guests, a diverse offering of activities, top-level quality of cosplays and a world-class convention venue located in proximity to many hotels and restaurant areas. It is a favorite con of a vast majority of Canadian cosplayers and some American and international ones too, with a high number of interesting and beautiful photoshoot locations and a high caliber of great cosplay photoghaphers. Fans love this convention for its bilingualism, openness, friendliness and its Staff's great care of Attendees. Otakuthon's unique features are: being the largest majorly French-speaking anime convention in the Americas, being the site of the Canadian Preliminaries of the World Cosplay Summit and its unweltering attendance growth rate.
Nadeshicon 2015: Sample shot 8 by Henrickson
Nadeshicon 2015: Sample shot 8
Nadeshicon 2015 was a Japanese culture and anime convention in Quebec City, QC held on Fri-Sun, Apr 17-19, 2015 at Université Laval. This was my 5th Nadeshicon!

People in photo:
- :icondailymoon: as Ayesha Altugle [Atelier Ayesha - The Alchemist of Dusk]

A "before and after"! Left is straight from RAW file, right is edited in Photoshop.
Nadeshicon 2015: Sample shot 7 by Henrickson
Nadeshicon 2015: Sample shot 7
Nadeshicon 2015 was a Japanese culture and anime convention in Quebec City, QC held on Fri-Sun, Apr 17-19, 2015 at Université Laval. This was my 5th Nadeshicon!

People in photo:
- ??? as Amaterasu [Okami]
Nadeshicon 2015: Sample shot 6 by Henrickson
Nadeshicon 2015: Sample shot 6
Nadeshicon 2015 was a Japanese culture and anime convention in Quebec City, QC held on Fri-Sun, Apr 17-19, 2015 at Université Laval. This was my 5th Nadeshicon!

People in photo:
- :iconfrenzywonder: as Peter (Noah's Ark Circus) [Black Butler]
Nadeshicon 2015: Sample shot 5 by Henrickson
Nadeshicon 2015: Sample shot 5
Nadeshicon 2015 was a Japanese culture and anime convention in Quebec City, QC held on Fri-Sun, Apr 17-19, 2015 at Université Laval. This was my 5th Nadeshicon!

People in photo:
- ??? as Sasuke [Naruto]
New Yoko 5 by MisaCosplayLove
A shot from a photoshoot of a Yoko cosplayer (MisaCosplayLove) in the middle of a lobby/lounge of a hotel or convention center | Photo by KG Photos


Cosplay photographers! It is well-known: anime conventions, small or large, are always full of people (crowds). With private cosplay photoshoots becoming more and more common-place these days at cons, the number of good shoot locations goes down rapidly during peak hours, ie. from late morning to late afternoon (9 am to 6 pm). With time risking to run short the longer and farther you search for available spots, you must use whatever locations you can find within an acceptable amount of time. And most of these quick-found locations have still some people in the background.

Otakuthon 2014-353 by MrJechgo
The lobby of a convention center during peak hours of a con... CROWDED!
(p: MrJechgo)

Katsucon 2013: Places 18 by Henrickson
Popular landmarks of a convention venue will always be occupied, no matter what time of day
(p: Henrickson me)

But guess what? People in the background won't pose too much of a problem if you follow my "Photoshoots Anywhere" technique! Here's how you can achieve decent photoshoot photos in less-than-perfect locations at anime conventions.

1. Main Principles of the "Photoshoots Anywhere" Technique
2. Shoot Location Criteria: What Should your Spot Have and not Have
3. Lighting Setup

1. Main Principles of the "Photoshoots Anywhere" Technique

The fundamental rule of photography that the "Photoshoots Anywhere" technique uses is the Inverse-Square Law, which states that "the intensity (illuminance or irradiance) of light radiating from a light source (energy per unit of area perpendicular to the source) is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source; so an object (of the same size) twice as far away, receives only one-quarter the energy (in the same time period)." [Wikipedia]

Photography and light: The inverse square lawWith respect to light, the inverse square law states that:
“the intensity of light radiating from a point source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source”.
This means that a subject 1 meter away from a light source would be illuminated 4 times more than a subject 2 meters away from the same light source:

The main look/style of the "Photoshoots Anywhere" technique is Low Key, with shadows and dark tones dominating the image and highlights mainly on the subject. You get a well-lit cosplayer with a black or dark background, and the viewer's focus is on the well-lit subject, since the eyes are naturally drawn to the brightest parts of the photo.

Cosplay Saber Lily - Fate Stay Night [ECG 2012] by MahoCosplay
A Low Key image, dominated by dark tones
(c: MahoCosplay | p: Flexgraph Photos)

To achieve this look, the subject and the background need to be lit by 2 different sources of light - if they were lit by the same source, then they would have the same illumination - with the light on the subject much stronger than the light on the background. This is achieved with flashes/speedlights or reflectors. It's difficult, though not impossible, to get a dark background lit by the sun or strong projectors, by "overpowering" those sources of light with the one shining on the subject, as long as you have the gear to do so.

Montreal Comiccon 2013: Sample shot 3 by Henrickson
A photo taken without flash, ie. with available light only: the subject and the background are equally lit
(p: Henrickson me)

Do you even read?! by Torremitsu
But here, the subjects and the background are differently lit (different exposures)
(c: Shane Rideout, Yvonne Pon, Meevers-Desu | p: Torremitsu)
How a cosplayer lit by reflected natural light may look like. The background is dark AND in the shade.
(c: MahoCosplay)

2. Shoot Location Criteria: What Should your Spot Have and not Have

You'll never find a perfect spot during peak hours of an anime convention unless you're really, really lucky. To maximize the effectiveness of the "Photoshoots Anywhere" technique, you must find a spot where the background is far enough from the subject to become as close to black as possible in your photos.

Your photoshoot location should preferably have:

- Enough space around the cosplayer to set up off-camera flashes, on lightstands or handheld by helpers
- A background at least 4 times as far as the distance from the closest flash to the subject
- Low-enough traffic so that no one walks accidentally into your shots

Otakuthon 2014-820 by MrJechgo
A location such as this one could be OK, as long as the camera aims away from the windows and the ceiling lights (or a stronger flash power setting is used)
(p: MrJechgo)

The spot should preferably not have:

- Background or midground elements next to the cosplayer
- A bright source of light on the background (sun, projectors)
- A light-colored floor

G-Anime 2015-62 by MrJechgo
The Gaming Room ain't exactly the best location... for various reasons
(c: DokiMomo, Spyross, GiH-Crafting | p: MrJechgo)

Let me explain each criterion:

- Enough space: Finding a spacious spot guarantees you almost every other requirement. Flashes need to be positioned and aimed in specific directions.
- Far background: An important aspect of the Inverse-Square Law. The background needs to be far enough so that it wouldn't be lit by the strongest flash.
- Low traffic: Reduces random background obstacles and session interruptions. You get cleaner photos and better concentration during your shoot.
- No nearby elements: People and objects located at different positions but at the same distance from your flashes will get the same amount of illumination. You only want your cosplayer to be fully-lit.
- No bright lights on background: The sun or projectors have enough illumination power to match the light shining on your subject, so the background would be as lit as your subject. Something you don't want.
- No light-colored floor: As the piece of land where your cosplayer would be standing would be at the same distance as your flashes, it would be as lit as your subject. A bright floor can be quite distracting.

Otakuthon 2014-986 by MrJechgo
This spot could work well, but the more criteria a location satisfies, the more people would want to use it!
(p: MrJechgo)

Examples of quickly-found locations that could easily satisfy most criteria:

- Quiet area of a large convention center lobby, in the shade
- Unused area of an exhibition hall, sometimes the Registration Room after the main badge pick-up rush at the con's opening
- Open area outdoors, near the lobby entrance, in the shade

Otakuthon 2014-1181 by MrJechgo
This is a wide-open space, but it's packed full during peak hours
(c: sokacosplay, @Melcosplay | p: MrJechgo)

Examples of locations that fail most criteria:

- Large hallways where lots of people pass by
- Middle of a Dealers Room
- At the entrance of any important room (Dealers, Registration, any panel room)

Katsucon 2013: Places 32 by Henrickson
Artists Alleys, just like Dealers Rooms, are always crowded. Don't shoot there.
(p: Henrickson me)

Exceptions to these criteria:

- Black drapes or walls: Most cons have tall barriers made of black fabric. This can negate the far background and no nearby elements requirements.
- "Fans": Your cosplayer's character is a singer, comedian or other celebrity, and they usually have fans around them. The nearby people can stand in as "fans" of the character.
- Patterned background lights: Lights with interesting patterns in the background can sometimes work out. It depends on what you can find and how you use it.

Christmas Cammy by MisaCosplayLove
Ooooh, those are some pretty lights in the background!
(c: MisaCosplayLove | p: MH Photos)

3. Lighting Setup

The most important thing to maximize the effectiveness of the "Photoshoots Anywhere" technique is to have a light as bright as possible on the subject you're photographing. This can be achieved with flashes/speedlights or sunlight bounced on a reflector. While lighting your subject, great care must be taken to not spill your strongest light onto the background, to maximize the illumination difference between the subject and the background.

G-Anime 2015-125 by MrJechgo
On-camera flash works at darkening the background, but images look very unoriginal, as all cameras are capable of on-camera flash and everyone (even beginners) can do it
(c: Tanya Bélanger | p: MrJechgo)

I usually proceed in 3 steps:

- The subject is placed in the open, with lots of space around him/her.
- The camera is positioned and aimed towards the background with the greatest distance behind the subject.
- Flashes are placed as close to the subject as possible, but right outside the camera's field of view.

Asuna and Kirito by Torremitsu
Important tip: Don't forget to ask your cosplayers to remove their badges during the shoot ;)
(p: Torremitsu)

Camera and flash settings vary with each environment, but are usually the following:

- The main flash fires at maximum (1/1) power. The 2nd flash fires either at max power or 1 stop lower.
- ISO sensitivity is locked at ISO-100 or as low as I can get.
- Shutter speed is locked at 1/200 sec or the flash sync speed of the camera.
- Aperture starts at f/2.8 (widest) but is shrunk with each test shot until exposure on the subject looks good (no over-white skin).
- A 3rd flash is added as needed, firing at max power or 1 stop lower.

Saber by simplearts
Flashes should generally be not included/visible in photos, but can sometimes be kept for effect
(c: Mirazie | p: simplearts)

Flashes may be bare or equipped with either shoot-through umbrellas or softboxes. Light should always travel forward towards the subject, to minimize distance-power losses. For the lens aperture, it's not rare to see f/4.0, f/5.6 or smaller. If you want to maintain a wide aperture for whatever reason, install a Neutral Density (ND) filter on your lens to cut out light instead of shrinking the aperture.

Katsucon 2014: Sample shot 17 by Henrickson Anime North 2014: Sample shot 3 by Henrickson
Left: The main flash is close enough to the subject but right outside the camera's field of view
Right: The Back Light was visible in the original photo, but I cropped it to make it slightly less distracting
(c: SCARLET-COSPLAY | p: Henrickson me)

The good thing about having all your settings set-up to "perfection" is that you can do several mini-photoshoots in a row without having to redo test shots for each new shoot. This works as long as the distance from strongest flash to subject remains the same for every subject you shoot.

G-Anime 2013: Sample shot 15 by Henrickson G-Anime 2013: Sample shot 14 by Henrickson G-Anime 2013: Sample shot 13 by Henrickson
I once did at G-Anime 3 photoshoots one after another with the same camera and flash settings
(c: Kitamon, angelcrywolf | p: Henrickson me)

I recommend placing your main flash more sideways for male characters and more to the front for female ones, though sideways lighting may work for some females.

Gilgamesh - Fate by Elffi
Katsucon 2014: Sample shot 5 by Henrickson Shingeki no Kyojin by Pugoffka-sama 81- Kev0293 by solartempest
When lighting for males, the Key Light should come from sideways to give that "chiseled" look to the subjects
(Click on each photo for individual credits)

Elizabeth - BioShock Infinite by frosel
Lineage 2 - Dark Elf by yayacosplay PTT: A New Swan Queen by MangoSirene Ada Wong Cosplay by SNTP Shura from Ao no Exorcist 2 by SNTP Wedding Yuna by dandlit
Lighting for females: cosplayers' faces should be evenly lit from left to right
(Click on each photo for individual credits)

pause... by illyne
Tell me it hurts by ThelemaTherion Purple Pearl Voice by Sandman-AC Ranka lee 1. by Shoko-Cosplay arkham asylum: poison ivy by ormeli
In a twist, sideways lighting (for males) can work for lots of females too!
(Click on each photo for individual credits)

Jack Sparrow Crossplay by AlysonTabbitha
Loki of Asgard by Pugoffka-sama The one-eyed by CycloneXHTC 10th Doctor Who by SNTP
Conversely, female lighting (on the front) can sometimes work for male characters, but not all
(Click on each photo for individual credits)

When desperate for locations and pressed for time to produce decent cosplay photos, the "Photoshoots Anywhere" technique is your solution this now-very-common problem. With practice and experience, your shots will approach the examples below. When faced with a shortage of perfect spots for shoots, just remember to shoot dark and light strong on your subjects in an open area of the convention. Good luck and happy photoshoots! :)

GLaDOS Lolita Aperture cosplay Alpacasso by Tenori-Tiger Katsucon 2014 - Frozen | Elsa by elysiagriffin Soraka Dryad cosplay League of legends by ely707 Soul Calibur V_Tira preview by SoranoSuzu Queen Chrysalis by AkinaGasai
Black Widow by JennyKinder Re-l 124C41+ by Mirum-Numenis World of Warcraft - Lady Jaina Proudmoore by ver1sa Scorpion Cosplay mortal kombat X by melonicor BIOSHOCK INFINITE: Elizabeth by Mirum-Numenis
League of Legends: Draven by SFDesign21 Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan (cosplay) by Svetliy-Sudar Princess Hinoto by DigitalHikari Templar Assassin (DotA 2) - For the temple by ver1sa 'Get shootin' ladies!' by RocknamLee
Tartelette de fruit Tartele. by AgnessBlanvradica Arrow by chibi-lilie The Force date by Sallozare The Sirens by Starship-Cosplay Zangeki no Reginleiv : Brunhilde Valkyrie by Shappi
(Click on each photo for individual credits)

Big thanks to my buddy :iconmrjechgo: for providing some sample shots. I salute the creativity of all fellow cosplay photographers who work in such difficult convention environments AND still provide us with beautiful cosplay photos. I hope this technique will inspire more of us to do shoots at anime cons and spend less time looking for suitable locations. For any questions, tips or suggestions on this tutorial, please comment below!
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Journal History


Henrickson's Profile Picture
Henry W.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Photo courtesy of Richard Dufault of Open Shutter Photography:

:bulletblue: WHO I AM
- I'm Henry W.
--- Known online/offline as Henrickson
--- Living in Montreal, QC, Canada
--- Birthday is June 30th
- Cosplay photographer since 2007
- I use entry-level & amateur photo gear
--- Canon EOS Rebel XS
----- Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 VC
----- Canon Speedlite 430EX
--- Canon EOS Rebel T1i
----- Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II
----- Yongnuo Speedlite YN467
--- Canon PowerShot SX100 IS
--- Apple iPhone 4S
- Best pictures are posted in my deviantART Gallery…
- Work-in-progress shots on my Twitter.
- 14'' Acer Aspire laptop
--- I post sample shots on my Twitter as a "Live Feed" during cons

:bulletblue: MY COSPLAY
- Cosplayer since 2007
--- Kyon [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya] (commissioned by simakai)
--- Random White Angel (closet outfit)
--- Guan Ping [Dynasty Warriors 7] (closet cosplay)
- Crossplayer
--- C.C. (black gown) [Code Geass] (borrowed from loki555)

- In :flagcanada: CANADA between Quebec City, QC and Toronto, ON
--- Nadeshicon in Quebec City, QC
--- Otakuthon and Montreal Comiccon in Montreal, QC
--- G-Anime in Gatineau, QC
--- Ottawa Comiccon in Ottawa, ON
--- Anime North in Toronto, ON
- In the :flagus: UNITED STATES between Portland, ME and Washington, DC
--- PortConMaine in Portland, ME
--- Bakuretsu Con in Colchester, VT
--- Genericon in Troy, NY
--- Otakon in Baltimore, MD
--- Katsucon in National Harbor, MD
- International conventions
--- Worldcon 2009 in Montreal, QC
--- Costume-Con 2014 in Toronto, ON
- I offer at-con private shoots
--- $15 to $30 for 45 mins
--- Photos from these shoots are of very good quality
- I take a lot of hall costume photos (see PRESS PHOTOGRAPHY)
--- I do my best to take the best hall shots within the confines of the venue, equipment at hand and con photography restrictions

- One of the founders, organizers and lead photographers of Mtl-Cosplay-Photo Montreal Cosplay Photoshoots
--- Affiliate of Montreal Cosplayers (group)
--- We hold cosplay photoshoots in the Greater Montreal Area in public places
--- Among our ranks are cosplay photographers such as Mannaka, MaverickDelta, Jaya-sama, Touzzy, Joniel, BahamutNight and Mr. Jechgo. You can visit them on dA at:
- I offer off-con private shoots
--- $30 to $60 for 1 hr 30 mins
--- Photos from these shoots are of the highest quality
--- Driving included, max distance 100 km roundtrip

- Regular photojournalist for Consplayers
--- My convention pictures are at:…
--- Group led by LiKovacs's father Robert
- has con photographers located in 4 countries around the world
--- Non-profit, shoot-for-free group of experienced convention photographers
--- Specializing in hall cosplay photography and masquerade photography
- The group is always looking for new photographers
--- If you're interested to join us, please contact me or Robert

- Completed
--- DW6 Guan Ping's Ji
--- DW5 Zhang Liao's Guandao
- In progress
--- DW6 Liu Bei's twin swords for a friend
--- Other commissions on order
- Materials of choice are wood, craft foam and PVC pipes

- Panelist and Press member at Anime North and Otakuthon
- Panelist and Assistant Photographer at G-Anime
- Assistant Photographer at Cape & Kimono
- Official Convention Photographer at Montreal Comiccon and Nadeshicon
- Official Masquerade Photographer at Naru 2 U and Animorency's Halloween Parties
- Been a Volunteer in the past, but am now a Panelist because I can get badge refunds by doing less hours :D

Would you be interested to pay more to attend a smaller anime convention with very high-quality Guests, more interactive panels and better events than what\'s generally offered at lower-priced larger cons?? 

22 deviants said Yes
4 deviants said I don't know
1 deviant said No

Events I'm Attending

My most known motto might be "I'm just around the corner", but my other known motto is "I'm all around the place". New/important events are in bold.

:bulletblue: 2015 Conventions [CV], Cosplay Photoshoots [CP] & Cosplay Events [CE]:
Last update 2015-05-21
Summary: A Katsucon-centric year. Going sabbatical other than local cons.
[CV] Katsucon 2015 :star::star::star::star::star: Done!
[CV] Genericon 2015 :star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Done!
[CV] Anime Boston 2015 :star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Did not attend
[CV] Nadeshicon 2015 :star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Done!
[CV] Montreal Comiccon 2015 :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Next upcoming
[CV] Summer G-Anime 2015 :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Maybe
[CV] Otakuthon 2015 :star::star::star::star::star:
[CE] OTK Halloween Party 2015 :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
Tally: 7 cons, 1 event, no shoots

:bulletblue: 2016 Conventions [CV], Cosplay Photoshoots [CP] & Cosplay Events [CE]:
Last update 2015-01-01
Summary: Austerity continues. Funding for a faraway con (West Coast or Japan Expo) needs extreme sacrifices. Probably will cut Katsucon, due to skyrocketing hotel room rates in National Harbor.
[CV] Montreal Comiccon 2016 :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
[CV] Otakuthon 2016 :star::star::star::star::star:
[CE] OTK Halloween Party 2016 :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
Tally: 2 cons, 1 event, no shoots

:bulletblue: 2017 Conventions [CV], Cosplay Photoshoots [CP] & Cosplay Events [CE]:
Last update 2015-01-01
Summary: Pushing back the faraway con trip by a year.
[CV] Otakuthon 2017 :star::star::star::star::star:
[CV] Montreal Comiccon 2017 :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
[CE] OTK Halloween Party 2017 :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
Tally: 2 cons, 1 event, no shoots

:bulletblue: Future Conventions [CV], Cosplay Photoshoots [CP] & Cosplay Events [CE]:
Last update 2015-01-01
Summary: Finally attending either a West Coast con or Japan Expo.
[CV] Sakura-Con 2018 OR Fanime 2018 OR Anime Expo 2018 (the "2018 West Coast Anime Con Group Trip"), OR Japan Expo 2018 in Paris, France!

:bulletyellow: Dream Conventions
Last update 2015-01-01
- Proposed con: Montreal Costume Festival (MTL CosFest): If I had the money, staff and resources to start up my own convention, this would be it. Focusing on costuming & cosplay and featuring 3 Masquerades (yes, THREE), this con would be the Montreal costumer/cosplayer's heaven. It's based on Costume-Con, but catering to a local & younger generation of costumers & cosplayers, the kind of people who attend anime, comics & gaming (ACG) conventions.
- Proposed con: Laval Anime Festival (AniFest Laval): Laval's own anime convention. The largest cities in the province of Quebec have anime cons: Otakuthon in Montreal, G-Anime in Gatineau, Nadeshicon in Quebec City and Animaracon in Sherbrooke. Which other city in Quebec has a large population? Laval, of course! However, since it's adjacent to Montreal, any new anime con in Laval will compete directly with Otakuthon. For the venue, I suggest the Sheraton hotel next to Carrefour Laval. For the date, it must not be within 2 weeks of either Otakuthon or Montreal Comiccon, Montreal's other major fan convention; for even more attendance, AniFest Laval should also not be near the weekends of G-Anime, Nadeshicon and Animaracon. This leaves February, March, May, June, September, October and November as the usable months to hold such an anime con in the city of Laval.
- Wished con: Penny Arcade Expo Canada (PAX Canada): Should Penny Arcade Expo Canada expand to Canada, Montreal should be a natural destination for them, since we have lots of video games companies here. Also, it wouldn't be a hassle to find suitable staff for this con, as there's no shortage of fan convention staff in Montreal. If they want experienced staff with hands-on experience with gaming cons, then they should look no further than the ex-staff of the now-defunct Arcadia Festival, a video games mini-con in Montreal that ran for a few years before it died off.
- Wished con: Japan Expo Canada (JE Canada): Japan Expo has already expanded to other parts of France, Belgium and now the USA. Why not Canada? Our country has a relatively high proportion of anime fans. Japan Expo USA settled in California because it's a hotbed of anime and cosplay. Where would a Japan Expo Canada be? I hope in Montreal, since Toronto is getting saturated with cons lately. Both Toronto and Montreal are Canadian hotbeds of anime and cosplay, so wherever between these 2 cities the Japan Expo Canada organizers choose to hold their con, they would be successful!
- Costume-Con: The original costume-focused convention. Attended by mostly veterans of the trade, the 32nd edition of this traveling con stops in Toronto in 2014! Most costumes are historical, literary, sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk, but we can also see some anime, comics, horror and gaming. Attended the 2014 edition!
- New York Comic Con: Big con yes, far no, expensive yes. Maybe a friend can host us instead of booking a hotel room, which is the main cost factor of such a con-going trip. Also, largest comic book convention in the United States, surpassing SDCC in attendance.
- AnimeNEXT: A con not too far, at a decent cost.
- Youmacon: A major convention along the Quebec-Detroit Corridor, on the American end of the Corridor.
- Colossalcon: Dubbed Vacation Con by many of its con-goers, this one features a giant wave pool and a safari park where people can pet baby animals!
- Dragon*Con: Need I say more? 8D
- Metrocon: Time to visit some Floridians.
- Anime Central: Largest con in the U.S. Midwest.
- Oni-Con: An anime con on the side of the beach!
- Anime Revolution: Time to visit Vancouver and check out West Coast Canadian cosplayers!
- FanimeCon: A well-rated West Coast con.
- Anime Expo: Any North American Otaku dreams to be at this con.
- San Diego Comic-Con: Any North American fan of any kind dreams to be at this con, bar none. Surpassed in size by NYCC
- Sakura-Con: An anime con at the same time as the cherry tree blossoms.
- Japan Expo: One of Europe's largest anime cons. Trip postponed.


Update: AN 2013 open slots left: FRI 5 pm / SAT 1 pm, 3 pm, 12 am / SUN 3 PM [link]
Wed May 15, 2013, 8:08 PM
Announcement: May 2013 Flower Trees Mini-Photoshoot at Botanical Gardens, this Saturday at 9 am. [link]
Thu May 9, 2013, 10:36 PM

Photo Backlog, the Full List

Here's the full list of my photo backlog. Striked-out items have been completed.

Last update 2014-08-20

- 2010
--- 10 conventions
- 2011
--- 12 conventions
- 2012
--- 10 conventions
- 2013
--- G-Anime 2013: Hall (SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) | Misc
--- Katsucon 2013: Hall (THU, FRI, SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17) | Misc (WCS, Masq) | Videos
--- GeekFest Montreal 2013: Hall | Shoots (1, 2) | Misc (Masq)
--- Nadeshicon 2013: Hall (SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1, 2, 3) | Misc (Leading Anime Revo panel, NGE panel, Tiffany Grant Q&A, Masq, Hello Kitty panel, Masq Awards, Fashion shows, Closing Cerem) | Videos
--- Anime North 2013: Hall (FRI, SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) | Misc (Mlight Ball, Masq Awards, Masq Simulator workshop) | Videos
--- PortConMaine 2013: Hall (SAT, SUN) | Misc (Rave, Cos Dmatch, Con Feedback panel, tourism) | Videos
--- Chibi G-Anime 2013: Hall | Shoots (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) | Misc (Anime Name That Tune) | Videos
--- Otakon 2013: Hall (FRI, SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) | Misc (Masq)
--- Otakuthon 2013: Hall (THU, SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) | Misc (Masq)
--- Montreal Comiccon 2013: Hall (FRI, SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1, 2, 3) | Misc (KamuiCosplay's panel, JNigri's panel, Masq, Masq Awards, Autographs, Cos au Québec panel)
--- Naru 2 U 2013: Hall (SAT) | Shoots (1, 2, 3) | Misc (Masq)
--- Ottawa Pop Expo 2013: Hall (SAT, SUN) | Misc (Prop Building panel, Masq, Masq Awards, Cos Tips panel) | Videos
- 2014
--- G-Anime 2014: Hall | Shoots (1, 2, 3) | Misc (In & Out Shoots panel, Masq)
--- Katsucon 2014: Hall (FRI, SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) | Misc (Masq, WCS)
--- Genericon 2014: Hall (SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1, 2, 3) | Misc (Masq, Cos Chess, Rave, Cos Dating, Cos Dmatch)
--- Nadeshicon 2014: Hall (SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1, 2, 3) | Misc (MKana concert, Masq, OJV concert, DROOphotographer's panel, Masq Awards, Idol) | Videos
--- Costume-Con 2014: Hall (FRI, SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1, 2, 3, 4) | Misc (FRI Night Social, Single Pattern Contest, SFF Masq, Masq Awards) | Videos
--- Ottawa Comiccon 2014: Hall | Misc (Calssara & Elffi's panel, DestinyNickelsen's panel, Masq)
--- Anime North 2014: Hall (FRI, SAT, SUN) | Shoots (1) | Misc (M-Ball, Cos Chess, Cos Guests panel, Masq, Masq Awards, Con Horror Stories panel) | Videos
--- Chibi G-Anime 2014: Hall | Shoots (1, 2) | Misc (Otaku Dating Game, Cosplay 101 panel, Anime Name That Tune, CLAMP Universe panel)

- 2010
--- 21 photoshoots
- 2011
--- 17 photoshoots
- 2012
--- 6 photoshoots
- 2013
--- 2 Jan 2013 Chateau St-Ambroise photoshoots: Shoot WED (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) | Shoot SAT (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) | Misc
--- Mar 2013 Hakuouki photoshoot: Shoots (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) | Misc
--- May 2013 Mini cosplay photoshoot & Gintama photoshoot: Shoots (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) | Misc
--- Oct 2013 Phantasy Star Universe mini photoshoot: Shoots (1, 2, 3, 4) | Misc

- 2010
--- 1 event
- 2011
--- 1 event
- 2012
--- 5 events
- 2013
--- Otakuthon Halloween Party 2013: Hall | Shoots | Misc
--- Animorency Halloween Party 2013: Shoots | Misc (Pre-show, Masq, Masq Awards)
--- Montreal Zelda A Link Between Worlds launch event Nov 2013: Posed | Misc
- 2014
--- Animeet Montreal 2014: Posed | Shoot (1, 2) | Misc

- 2010
--- 2 others
- 2011
--- 4 others
- 2012
--- No others
- 2013
--- Roshy & LeiLei-ko's Wedding May 4, 2013: Preparations | Ceremony (1, 2) | Day shoot | Reception (1, 2) | Night shoot
--- julinahabs' Brébeuf International Baccalaureate Graduation Ceremony Oct 2013: Posed | Misc | Videos
- 2014
--- May 2014 Montreal Botanical Garden Flowers Photoshoot: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


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